About Us


Mr. Funnyman is one of the hottest cover bands in the Chicagoland area! 

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Some of our favorite songs

Golden Slumbers

Billie Jean


Baker’s Street

Roadhouse Blues

Carry That Weight

Rolling in The Deep

Like a Virgin

Blurred Lines

Locked Out of Heaven


and many many more!

Our favorite links:

  1. www.mrfunnyman.biz

  2. www.facebook.com/mrfunnyman

  3. www.twitter.com/mrfunnymanband

  4. www.facebook.com/echoesofpompeii

Mr. Funnyman has been performing in the Chicagoland area for the past 20 yrs. They are a versatile 7 piece cover band from Crown Point, Indiana entertaining you with "The Classics". In 1992, twin brothers Jason (electric guitar, vocals) and Jeremy Andrews (bass guitar, vocals), and Andy Hescher (lead guitar, vocals)...(cousin) one of the best lead guitarist created the band as they had been playing together as teenagers. After joining the Purdue Jazz Show choir, they met a top notch keyboardist, Rob Martinez (keyboards,vocals) and a drummer named Jerry Van Gilder. Thereafter, 3 or 4 more drummers played with them, but Mike Pererria was a keeper with his dynamic talent, joining them in 2006. Mike not only plays drums, but controls the sound Fx that you hear so uniquely. In 2007, we were very fortunate to find Bob Frankich, the hottest saxophonist in Chicago to which he fit right in with his outstanding horns, including a mesmerizing flute and occasional cow bell.  Within the past year and a half, Betsy Plant joined Mr. Funnyman with her powerhouse vocals and is also a female vocalist with Echoes of Pompeii, their Pink Floyd Tribute Band. This past summer, Alison Stage came aboard to join the female vocalist ranks with her sweet sounding range that allows them to add many new songs.

Mr. Funnyman also has an alter ego band called Echoes of Pompeii...a Pink Floyd Tribute Band Live! With this sister band they have added female singers, Betsy Plant & Alison Stage to add another dimension to an already full band. With her, they have been able to play songs from Sheryl Crow to Fergie to Adele.